Are you looking for contact lenses in Milford, MI?

Your optometrist in Milford, MI can help fit you for contact lenses during your eye exam. You’ll receive a prescription for the contact lenses, which you can have filled anywhere. Prescriptions for contact lenses in Milford, MI can be readily filled at a local optometrist’s office, in certain large department store vision centers and online.

Options Available With Contact Lenses

When getting your contact lenses, be aware that you have several options available to you, including single-use lenses, extended use contact lenses, and even colored lenses. Your optometrist will likely recommend a particular brand of contact lenses during your eye appointment in Milford, MI. This recommendation is based on the optometrist’s personal experience, but it is also based on your individual vision needs. Certain contact lens brands don’t support special conditions such as astigmatism. The reason why it is essential to go with the brand that your optometrist recommends. If you have any questions about the possibility of a different brand for any reason, you should bring them up with your optometrist.

Follow Up Care With Contact Lenses

After you’ve had your optometrist appointment in Milford, MI and started wearing your contact lenses, your optometrist will want to see you again. Even if you feel like your new contact lenses are working out perfectly, it’s imperative that you keep your follow up an appointment. Your Milford, MI optometrist will look at many things in addition to your level of comfort. The optometrist will ensure that the fit is correct on your eyes. They will also ensure that you’re getting the expected level of vision correction with the lenses. Finally, the follow-up appointment gives you an opportunity to ask any questions you may have regarding the care and treatment of your contact lenses.

Contact lenses are an attractive and convenient way to improve your sight. To make an appointment to be fitted for contact lenses, please contact us!