Comprehensive Eye Exams

Improve your eye and vision health today with a comprehensive eye exam in Milford, MI.

Whether it is the first time you have visited an eye doctor, or you are new to the area, Heinsight Eyecare is ready to assist you. We offer complete eye care services including eye exams for your entire family. Discover what you can expect when you visit our eye doctor for your next comprehensive eye exam.

Preparing for an Eye Exam

Before you visit the eye doctor for your eye exam, you can do a few things to help prepare for an eye exam. If you wear eyeglasses or contact lenses, prescription or over-the-counter, bring these along with you. If you have any information about your last eye exam, that will be useful, too.

Another tip is to avoid drinking alcohol before an eye exam. Alcohol can dilate your blood vessels and hamper with a glaucoma screening. If you typically work using a digital screen, i.e., computer, avoid long-term use the day of your eye exam. This can also dilate your eyes.

Types of Tests to Expect

When you see our eye doctor for your eye exam, we will generally provide you with some of the following eye tests:

  • Standard eye chart test features letters of varying sizes
  • Eye alignment test involves covering one eye at a time
  • Ocular motility test that determines how well your eyes move
  • Stereopsis test for measuring depth perception

In addition, for certain individuals, specialized eye tests may be prescribed by our eye doctor. These include tests for age-related vision conditions, such as macular degeneration or glaucoma. There is also a test for diabetic retinopathy reserved for diabetic patients.