Lenses & Frames

In Milford, MI, you have hundreds of choices for your new eyeglasses/frames.

After you’ve visited the optometrist in Milford, MI and received your prescription, it’s time to choose your eyeglasses/frames.

How Eyeglasses/Frames Can Affect Your Experience

When choosing eyeglasses/frames in Milford, MI, it’s important to know that your choice can affect your eyeglasses experience. For instance, many people say that when they wear their eyeglasses, they feel like they’re looking out of a fishbowl. If you are acutely aware of the sides of the eyeglass frames, you can avoid this sensation by opting for larger frames. This will keep your frames out of your field of vision. You can also choose frameless eyeglasses, which create a more seamless view because there is no frame at all. Finally, consider that if you wear your eyeglasses correctly, you should be only moderately aware of having frames on, since the lenses themselves are so close to your eyes.

How to Choose Eyeglasses/Frames in Milford, MI That Flatter Your Face

Everyone wants to look attractive in the eyeglasses/frames they wear. There are some basic rules that you might like to consider when choosing your eyeglass frames. If you have a round face, square-ish lenses will help to give more definition to the outline of your face. If, on the other hand, you have a square face, try rounded frames to soften the shape.

You should always bring along a friend when selecting eyeglasses/frames in Milford, MI. Sometimes an objective opinion from a trusted friend or family member can help you decide between two favorites. Remember that many people opt to invest in two or more eyeglasses/frames. You could keep one pair at home and one in the office or your car for convenience.

If you need help choosing eyeglasses/frames, you can always ask for assistance at your optometrist’s office in Milford, MI. We’ve fitted thousands of customers for eyeglasses/frames, and we’d be happy to help you, too!